Decision-Making Pledge - 9th Grade

This short video is designed for 9th grade students to help them understand the importance of decision-making during their high school years. The message emphases that “we all make decisions and ultimately our decisions make us.”

Students are involved in an exercise helping them to understand all the types of decisions ahead of them and their impact on their lives. They also do an exercise to show them how even “good people” can still make bad decisions.

The students are then provided a Decision-Making Model they can follow when a decision arises. The class concludes with providing the students with a Personal Student Decision-Making Pledge Card to sign that summarizes the key points of the class.

Etiquette Exercises

Your subscription also includes etiquette exercises we call the Employability Skills Tool Kit. These short 10 minutes exercises developed by Cindy Haygood are a great complimentary component to the Next Step Video Series.


  • Eye Contact and Handshakes – First Impressions
  • Body Language
  • Answer in Complete Sentences
  • Triple Name Game – Remembering people’s names
  • Taking a Closer Look – Beyond the First Impression
  • Tone of Voice

Endorsed by the Georgia Dept of Education

The Next Step program is part of the larger IDEALS Foundation for high school students. Due to its success and popularity, the Georgia Dept. of Education requested IDEALS to develop a proprietary soft skills program for high school students.

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