Next Step Soft Skills Program

We’ve created these videos and etiquette exercises to enable the students to develop the necessary Soft Skills to be successful in their personal lives and their chosen careers.


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Our Courses

Each module is designed for a 50 minute class period. Each video is 9-12 minutes long and includes 3-5 student exercises, a facilitator guide, and student handouts. For schools needing to use the program in a class period less than 50 minutes such as an Advisement period, we recommend our First Step Introductory Video.

“I Believe”

This class emphasizes how important it is for a student to understand who they are and what they believe in. This “I Believe” list will play a major role in helping them through decision making and personal accountability.

Decision Making

This class discusses that the student will ultimately be a product of their decisions. It reviews factors that can influence decision making and why good people can still make bad decisions.

Time Planning and Priorities

This class focuses on the fact that how a person uses their time is a personal choice and there are consequences to those choices. Students are taught all of their daily activities can be broken into one of four categories – Must Do, Should Do, Like to Do and Caution Do.

Personal Responsibility & Accountability

This class focuses on the decline in personal responsibility and accountability in our country. Students discuss in their group why it’s important for people to demonstrate strong personal responsibility and accountability.

No Talent Required

This class identifies 10 things that anyone can do regardless of socio-economic background, grades, experience etc. It then shows how these 10 things also relate to expectations of future employers when they enter the workforce.

Be Coachable

This class expands on the subject first discussed in things you can do that don’t require any talent. It emphasizes how important being coachable is and discusses examples of what being coachable looks like.

Your Personal Brand

This class focuses on just like products and companies, people have Brands too. A person’s Brand is what a person thinks of when they see that person or hear their name.

Sphere of Influence

This class emphasizes that each student is being indirectly and directly influenced by other people, groups and events. They are asked to identify who they think some of those people, groups etc. are and how they are being influenced.

Definition of Success

Most people never take the time to define what success means to them overall in their life and in the various key areas of their life. By not doing so, they have no goal to work toward. This video will help the students work through this critical exercise and gain clarity what success looks like personally to them. By doing so, they don’t try to live up to someone else’s definition of success, which is frustrating and unproductive.

Endorsed by the Georgia Dept of Education

The Next Step program is part of the larger IDEALS Foundation for high school students. Due to its success and popularity, the Georgia Dept. of Education requested IDEALS to develop a proprietary soft skills program for high school students.

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