What I Wish I'd Known About High School

This short video provides insights from senior high school students about what they wish that had known prior to or just starting high school. Interviews were conducted with approximately 100 high school seniors to share what they learned through their high school experiences. The presenters are actual high school students, and the video concludes with a short magic trick for the student’s entertainment.

What I Wish I'd Known About College

IDEALS interviewed young people just completing their college experience and asked them  -what they wished they had known about college before entering their freshmen year. What would have made their college experience more productive, meaningful, and enjoyable? Their advice is a must for anyone about to start their college career.

Endorsed by the Georgia Dept of Education

The Next Step program is part of the larger IDEALS Foundation for high school students. Due to its success and popularity, the Georgia Dept. of Education requested IDEALS to develop a proprietary soft skills program for high school students.

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"What I Wish I Had Known About High School"